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Why Babywear???

Why Not!?!?  Ok, we acknowledge it – babywearing can sometimes be seen as belonging to an exclusive club of happy hippy mammas with a sling for every day and far too much disposable income – in fact, that's probably what most of us thought when we started our own babywearing adventures.



But that couldn't be further from the truth. Babywearing is for everyone!


For us, it isn't all about owning every single type of sling, every type of fabric and knowing a million different ways to tie a woven wrap – and it isn't about spending lots of money. If you have the time and money to do that – well ... we are probably a bit envious!

As a group of individuals we all have our own style (and budget) when it comes to babywearing, but as peer supporters we have a single mission – to keep it simple, meet your individual needs, and ensure your babywearing journey is safe and comfortable … all with a friendly face!


Anyway, back to why babywear? Well, if we are keeping it simple, here are some compelling reasons why …

  • It's lovely to cuddle your baby!

  • We are hardwired to respond to touch, warmth and affection – it is essential!

  • There is no safer place for a newborn than in your arms during the 'fourth trimester'

  • Babies are comforted by your touch, smell and taste

  • Babies who are carried cry less

  • Babies who are carried often sleep better

  • Babywearing can help with digestive problems like reflux

  • Babywearing can help with colic

  • Can aid neural development and growth

  • When babies are calm, content and cry less, parents feel more confident and competent

  • Toddlers get tired – their legs can't keep up with their independent little brains!

  • Being at chest height is more stimulating than sitting in a buggy at crotch height

  • If overstimulated, babies can cuddle in or check for immediate reassurance from caregiver

  • Babywearing is great for bonding and attachment – well attached babies are likely to be confident and independent

  • It's warm and cosy (and we live in Scotland!)

  • It is practical 

  • Cuts the number of times you struggle to get buggy / pram in and out of the car.

  • You can be hands free for household chores and to run errands

  • Easier to look after other children

  • Reaches places buggy struggle with – rambling in the woods or on the beach

  • Its not hard – but a little help from your local sling library will help you go far!

  • Oh yeah – and the fabrics are gorgeous!!!

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