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Our collection of slings and carriers

Here we show you our fab and ever expanding collection of slings and carriers, and give you a brief description of how to use them and some pros and cons for each .

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Stretchy Wraps


Stretchy wraps are exactly what they say on the tin – wraps that stretch. They are essentially long pieces of jersey cotton fabric, of varying thicknesses (and lengths) that are wrapped around the back, torso and shoulders in order to create a space to snuggle baby closely.

A stretchy wrap is the most snuggly option to recreate that womb like feeling that your little one just loves. It holds baby snug to your chest so you can really get to know each other. Amazing for skin to skin too.

We have a range of brands in the library, all with different qualities and characteristics and

from different price ranges. All our stretchies are hired out for free for 3 weeks for babies under 4 months old. Outside of this offer, stretchy hires are half price compared to our other carriers, to allow all parents to experience the beautiful closeness these carriers provide.

We currently have Kari-Me, Boba, Moby, NCT Caboo, Caboo DX, Victoria Sling Lady, Hugabub and Hana Wrap.

Woven Wraps


Woven wraps are similar to stretchies in that they are long pieces of fabric that are wrapped and knotted in a variety of ways to create a supportive pocket for babies and toddlers to be held next to their caregiver. The difference from stretchies are that the fabric in this case is woven fabric and has very little 'give' in comparison to jersey wraps. 

In the library we currently have – Little Frog, Girasol and Lenny Lamb in sizes 4, 6 and 7.

Mei Tai


Mei Tai's are essentially a square or rectangular 'body' of fabric, with four long straps attached at each corner, 2 of which wrap around the waist and two longer ones that go over the shoulders and around the body. 

In the library we currently have mei tai's from Babyhawk, HopTye, MNS & Snugiwraps.

Stretchy Wrap Pros:

  • Perfect newborn sling – used appropriately can be used for kangaroo care of small babies

  • Very adjustable so fits all shapes and sizes, comfortably

  • Spreads weight across body of carrier reducing strain

  • Keeps baby's body in optimal position – back, neck and hips supported, pelvis tilted, spine aligned

  • Wrap is pre-tied making it easier to learn than woven


Stretchy Wrap Cons:

  • Tying can be intimidating

  • Can be difficult to keep off ground when tying

  • May not be fast to throw on

  • Back wearing not recommended

Woven Wrap Pros:

  • Baby, toddler and beyond

  • Versatile

  • Comfortable

  • Natural hold – natural support of spine, good seat, knee to knee

  • Fits all sizes

  • Wide variety of holds: front, back hip

  • Optimal support

  • Disperses weight

  • Limits pressure points

  • Easy to store

  • Can be used for other purposes: blanket, table hammock

  • Amazing designs!


Woven Wrap Cons:

  • Takes more practice

  • Can drag on the floor

  • Can't really pre-tie

  • Can become expensive!

Mei Tai Pros:

  • Small and easy to transport

  • Simple design – lots of gorgeous patterns

  • Fits infant to toddler

  • Pulls baby close to you

  • Front and Back carries possible

  • Easy to Learn

  • Weight spread over both shoulders


Mei Tai Cons:

  • May have limited padding

  • Bodies come in different sizes, may need to try a few to get fit right

  • Not ideal for small infants due to open sides

  • May not provide suitable head support for older sleeping infants


Ring Slings and Pouches


Ring slings consist of a piece of woven fabric with two metal or plastic rings at one end. The fabric is threaded through the rings to create a pouch which adjustable to size of the child and wearer, and it is worn over a single shoulder.

The library currently stocks ring slings from Lenny Lamb, Baie, Storchenwiege, Little Frog and Je Porte Mon Bebe.

Buckle Carriers

Also known as soft structured carriers, these slings resemble backpacks and are similar to mei tai's but have looped shoulders held in place with waist and chest buckles as opposed to being tied on. 

Along with stretchy wraps, buckles are our most popular slings and we have a huge selection of different brands and styles to suit absolutely everyone.


We currently have Rose & Rebellion baby, Tula baby & Tula toddler, Lenny Lamb baby & Lenny Lamb toddler, Connecta baby & Connecta toddler, Manduca, Moby Aria, Boba 4G, Ergobaby, Je Porte Mon Bebe PhysioCarrier, Boba Air, Lillebaby Complete & Airflow, Kibi and Emeibaby and we continue to expand our stash on a regular basis.


Ring Sling Pros:

  • Fastest Carry

  • Easy on and off

  • Birth to Toddler


Ring Sling Cons:

  • Not the best for long periods of carrying

  • One shoulder carry may exacerbate shoulder, back problems

  • Some people find rings uncomfortable

Buckle Carrier Pros:

  • Easy on and off

  • Easy to learn

  • Back and Hip Support

  • Holds infant close

  • Adjustable

  • Padded

  • Good knee-to-knee support


Buckle Carrier Cons:

  • Weight distribution on shoulders and waist

  • Doesn't provide contoured support for young child

  • May not offer full leg support for older toddlers

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